#Elevating Liberia

“Elevating Liberia” is an initiative started by CHOICES to increase access to quality schools in Liberia.  The goal is to have quality education accessible to all children in Liberia.  According to UNICEF, Liberia has one of the world’s highest levels of children out of school…and only 54 per cent of children complete primary education,” (2024).  Liberia is “significantly behind most other African countries in nearly all education statistics,” (UNICEF, 2024), leaving endless opportunities to help elevate Liberia.

UNICEF identifies key challenges to the education sector in Liberia as a lack of access to education, the quality of education, and the education system itself.  This initiative will face those challenges by opening the first school in memory of the late Liberian Educator, Nathaniel Alfred Caphart.

This great man was a Liberian born educator who made a difference in the lives of children in Liberia.  Nathaniel Caphart earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Economics in 2006 and continued his education receiving his Master’s of Science in Regional Planning nine years later.  His commitment to education started at home with his biological son and daughter.  Nathaniel Caphart was devoted to ensuring that his children have an education and assumed the role as single father while his children were still in primary school.

In Liberia parents have to pay registration fees and tuition for their children to attend school.  Mr. Caphart would walk to work because he used his salary to pay the fees for his children to attend school and had no money for transportation.  Over the years, Mr. Caphart “adopted” other children and raised them as his own and they consider him their father.

To honor his memory, his children are working to build the first of many schools in his name.  Their desire is to build the first Nathaniel Alfred Caphart Memorial Academy to open next year in 2025 serving students from pre-primary through high school.

For more detailed information about education in Liberia click the link below:

UNICEF Liberia Country Office-Education Fact Sheet2023-2024 https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/u4dbi2kbh63p0siqec97a/UNICEF-LCO-Education-Fact-Sheet.pdf?rlkey=tl4ftcrr2i4uqaafdciwtzld7&e=3&st=itwpyd77&dl=0

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