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Social Health Services

Conflict Corner “The Drama Stops! Here” was founded to empower youth to make better choices. 

Conflict Corner, (CC), “The Drama Stops! Here” is a peer to peer mediation program for public and private schools to help youth learn how to effectively resolve conflicts through mediation.  CC provides a safe place on campus for youth to negotiate their conflicts using problem solving techniques that enhance their communication skills.  Conflict Corner provides intervention strategies for the prevention of interpersonal violence and seeks to empower youth.  Teaching them conflict resolution skills will assist them in communicating effectively at home and within their community.

Effective Listening and Speaking Trainings offered to large and small businesses and organizations

  • 45 minute staff development workshops on communication and relationship building

College and Career Readiness 9th– 12thgraders

  • Transcript review
  • FAFSA application completion
  • Scholarship submission

WriteOn Publication (email:

  • Literacy programs for youth and adults
  • Book Publications

To purchase books published by WriteOn Publication follow the links:

A Poetic Lovestory

Poetry: The Language of Angels

Child Development Teacher Credentialing Support

  • Course Selection
  • Professional Growth Advising
  • Application submission to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)